Wherever you are in your practice, flexibility, or strength yoga can be tailored to you. A great way to increase body awareness, revitalize and calm the mind, and can be applied to everyday life. 

Yoga is an ancient tradition based on observed individual experience. Every individual develops preferences and discovers a path which works for them by trying and experiencing different styles of yoga and persevering on the path with tenacity, reflection, and guidance anything is possible.

Instruction Offered:

Hatha- The oldest form of physical yoga practice (called asana) that connects breath to yoga postures. Typically consists of holding a yoga posture for a period of time and maintaining control of breath throughout the posture, directing focus inward to the body and tiny details of the posture. Excellent for slowing the mind, creating a meditative state, strengthening the body and flexibility. 

Vinyasa Flow- Yoga using the same postures as Hatha, performed at a quicker pace with attention focused on the transition between postures to flow smoothly from one posture to the next. Vinyasa flow stems from (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) and uses the concept of one breath one movement connecting the mind, breath, and body.  Directing attention inward, creating a meditative state, and strengthening the body.

Hatha Vinyasa Flow- Integrates both Hatha and Vinyasa flow together. using the concept of one breath one movement through smooth transitions in and out of postures and then holding those postures for a period of times.

Inversions- Practice and focus on more advanced postures such as headstands, arm balances, and handstands. changing the direction and perspective of the body against gravity normal circulatory flow. Increasing concentration, strength, balance, and understanding.  

Yoga Nidra- Is an altered state from which you can get away from the conscious mind and enter into a non-taxing state of deep relaxation and complete body awareness. A guided meditation through body awareness usually with a purpose or sankalpa (a resolve or intention developed  deep in the heart or mind).