People's Yoga Experience With Nikki

Nikki Platania is the Best!

I’ve been taking yoga classes with other teachers for over four years. Yoga has been good for me but I haven’t really improve much in all that time. A few classes with Nikki and I can feel the improvement. Areas were my stretches were stuck are finally loosening up. Nikki really listens and works with you to move forward in your practice. She doesn’t push you to the point of pain but she makes sure that you get the most out of your session. She is careful to make sure that you do the poses correctly so that you do not injure yourself.

I had a hand injury that makes doing some poses difficult. Not only did she recommend alternative movements to take the pressure off my hand, she also recommended some stretches that actually helped ease the pain in my hands.

Nikki is great!
— Sue P.
Yoga with Nikki is challenging, awakening and relaxing all at once. Her creative, non-repetitive flow provokes both the mind and body and encourages you to be aware of your present state. Nikki has a keen ability to push you to your limit and backs off when she senses that you’ve given all you’ve got. The best part about practicing with her? Nikki will lead you to a yummy yoga nidra; the best way to wrap up a session!
— D. Troung
Doing yoga with Nikki is next level. Her knowledge base of muscular physiology is impeccable, as well as her ability to guide you through a unique and advanced sequence. I especially like yoga with Nikki because she asks you what your personal blocks are with yoga poses and what your goals are. Since doing yoga with Nikki, I have been able to move through my blocks (become more flexible in areas of chronic tightness) and as well have practiced the stretches she taught me to reach my goals in backbends and handstands. This was several years ago and I still utilize her advice. Her passion shines through in her fun personality. Thank you Nikki!
— Lindsay B