Dedicate yourself to a daily practice, and watch who you become.  Follow your heart not the crowd.

Dedicate yourself to a daily practice, and watch who you become. Follow your heart not the crowd.

A San Francisco and California native, Nikki started practicing yoga at the age of 13. Yoga has been a refuge of peace, strength, and motivation in her life and she loves to share her knowledge with the world. In 2010 Nikki quit her corporate sales job to live a dream and pursue a life of helping people, moving to Mexico to work for a drug rehabilitation center with plant medicines and travel the world. Over and over again she turned to yoga, and meditation. In 2013, she took an inspiring trip to India where she trained intensely in Rishikesh, the birth place of yoga, receiving a 200 hour yoga teaching certification.  Her travels in India deepened the path of yoga by magnitudes as well as her understanding of life and death and the possibilities within reality. To reciprocate a small bit of overwhelming gratitude, she started teaching free yoga in India.

Nikki has taught all over the world. Her asana classes focus on alignment, core strengthening, detailed posture adjustments, and control of the breath, mind, and body. She is driven to help others bring the wonderful benefits of yoga into their life. Nikki specializes in handstands and likes to sprinkle inversions into progressive Vinyasa Hatha style classes. She also teaches Yoga Nidra, a style of guided meditation which people have enjoyed throughout India and the world. 

Although Yoga is one expression of guidance towards a healthy, happy, helping world she also lives to inspire people to realize and live their dreams,  to live in flow and possibility. Taking time to guide and empower people to live in their vision or purpose. A lifestyle inspirer and coach. 

You can count on Nikki to always come from a place of love and encouragement, and will help support you with any health goals physical, spiritual, mental, or universal. 

She also found a love for the oceans and environment and supports the causes that help make this world a better place for all living and future living. A portion of all profits go to supporting causes that support a vision for a clean, healthy, loving, connected, happy, healthy world. Collaborations are always welcomed..

Please contact via the link above for class schedules, information on privates, yoga/active lifestyle retreats in and outside of the United States, and workshops, or for any reason, request, or collaboration.